Who Gets the $36,000?


Dateline: Columbus Ohio
September 25, 2013

1 a casinoLast October a man won $36,000 at the Hollywood Casino in Columbus, Ohio and was subsequently robbed of his winnings in the parking lot of the casino by two men.

Yesterday the two robbers were each sentenced to ten years in jail for the robbery.

In a related story, the man who was robbed last October was arrested today for stealing $100,000 from his employer. He used the stolen money to win the $36,000 at the casino.

Just goes to prove, there is no honor among thieves.

But now I have to wonder. Who gets the $36,000?

Probably the biggest robber of them all – the casino.

It is enough to make me want to drink……..which brings me to today’s recipe…………….

Featured Recipe        Strawberries in Wine


Fall and winter holidays are coming upon us faster than the speed of light.

Today’s recipe is a really quick but pretty drink for the holidays or any time you want to celebrate.

You can substitute raspberries or any other fruit you like for the strawberries.

You can substitute grape juice for the wine if you want to go non-alcoholic.

This is what you will need for 2 drinks:

6-10 Strawberries, divided depending on size and/or how many you want.  Remember, less is more.

 3-4 tablespoons Sugar – I don’t measure. I guess. There is no truth to the rumor I was sampling the wine before hand.

Dry white wine


Here is what you do:

Wash and hull all but of the strawberries.



Slice all but 2 -4 of the strawberries (Which you will use to garnish the glass later.) and place in a bow with a little sugar on the bottom.


Add the rest of the sugar. Let berries sit to draw out juices at least 15 minutes.


When ready to serve the drinks, place sliced strawberries and some of the juice in each of the wine glass and add some wine.



Place 1 or 2 strawberries on the rim of the glasses.


How easy is this for a delightfully pretty and delicious holiday drink?!




Strawberries             $1.00

Sugar                       $0.10

Dry white wine          $2.40

* Cost will vary based on how many strawberries,  and how much sugar and wine is used. My expense for the wine is high because of the extra large wine glasses I used.

Total Cost = $3.50
Cost per glass = $1.75

Quote of the Day

Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time, to figure out whether you like it or not.

Virgil Garnett Thomson


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