What Is Right With America?


I have always believed that despite our problems there are many things that are right with America.

Sometimes we focus so much on our problems we forget how much is still good about America.

On this 236th birthday I want to focus on what is right with America even during this deep recession.

While looking for some facts and figures on good things in America to share with you I came across the following essay by Richard L. Wottrich, Senior Managing Director, International Desk for DSI Global View, an international strategic planning consultancy based inChicago, IL.

It says it all. It is an excellent summary of what is right with America. I would add just one thing to the list. America’s people. Us. The people who live their lives trying to do what is right and who keep on keeping on through it all, and helping their neighbors as my community did during and in the aftermath of the storm last weekend.  America has good and decent citizens. Our people have made America  great and we can help keep America great.

Mr. Wottrich graciously gave me written permission to use his work.

It was written last year and he said of that, “The blog may be slightly out of date, but the concepts on most points remain the same.”

You can find other interesting articles on Mr. Wottrich’s blog, DSI Global View. I encourage you visit it. Lots of good information there.

To make things even more interesting Mr. Wottrich has a cooking blog too, CoolCooksShare. You will want to visit it too. It has a great international flair I think many of you will like.

I wish all of you a happy and safe 4th. And some time today I hope you will find time to stop, remember and be thankful for all that is right in America.

What is Right with America?

Between American cynicism and lack of servility, one wonders at times where America is headed. Saddled with trillions in debt, our economy faces severe pressures in the future. On this 235th birthday of America perhaps we should pause to assess our strengths. What is right with America?

America is the top donor of foreign aid in absolute dollar terms in the world and usually is among the first nations to provide aid in major natural disasters.

The American Peace Corp has had over 200,000 volunteers serving in 137 countries since founded in 1961. Currently 8,655 volunteers serve in 77 countries, assisting people in developing areas of the world. No other country has any organization of this scale or outreach.

Of the world’s most effective top 25 top philanthropists as ranked by Barron’s,America claims 18, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, William J. Clinton Foundation, The Carter Center and Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation.

America continues to lead the world with a GDP of $14.7 trillion, some 250% greater thanChina’s number two ranking.

America has the most effective volunteer armed forces in the world, with history dating back to 1775 when the Continental Army was created to fight in the Revolutionary War. The current active duty force for the U.S. Army numbers over 500,000 with a combined total of over one million with Reserve and National Guard soldiers.

Despite all the talk about disappearing jobs, America is ranked third in the world in exports at some $1.27 trillion, behind China and Germany.

Despite rhetoric to the contrary, America remains the largest manufacturing country by output in the world, still leading China by at least 25%.

Despite relentless rhetoric to the contrary, America has the most liberal immigration policy in the world by far.

According to the 2009 American Community Survey (ACS), there were 38.5 million foreign-born residents in America, representing 12.5 percent of the total population. There is no similar percentage of diversity in any major country in the world.

According to a 2011 ranking by industry magazine Private Equity International, America has the ten largest private equity firms in the world: TPG Capital, Goldman Sachs Principal Investment  Area, The Carlyle Group, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, The Blackstone Group, Apollo Global Management, Bain Capital, CVC Capital Partners, First Reserve Corporation and Hellman & Friedman.

The American company Boeing continues as the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined with total revenues of $65 billion.

America has six of the top ten universities in the world, including MIT and the University of Texas.    

A study, from Times Higher Education and QS Top Universities, shows that America still has 36 of the top 100 universities worldwide – even as Developing Economies show increasing strength in education.

America leads the world in research and development investment in absolute dollar terms, with over $405 billion representing 2.7% of  its GDP.

America is ranked at least in the top ten and usually number one in every information technology or innovative technology ranking the world over. Silicon Valley remains the nexus of information age technology globally.

Nine of the world’s top 25 public companies are based in America,  including the world’s biggest public corporation JP Morgan Chase.

America has eight of the top 25 companies in the world ranked by revenues, including Wal-Mart and ExxonMobil leading the list.

In the The Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011 America is ranked fourth – behind the tiny countries of Switzerland, Sweden and Singapore.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,  Libertyand the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…

Featured Recipe        Easy Sloppy Joes

At first glance this may be a strange 4th of July recipe. It is till you realize I am not going to be grilling or cooking outside this 4th. Too darn hot, as the song goes. Eating inside where the temperature is cooler is a much better idea this 4th. 

This is a super easy and fast recipe to make. It is perfect for school or week nights. Your children will really like these Sloppy Joes. And they are so simple it is a great recipe for children to begin to learn to cook.

At only $0.99 a sandwich it is also so a Recession Buster Recipe.©

These Sloppy Joes are just as tasty as recipes that take twice as long to fix, and just as good as, even better, than the canned version.

I found this recipe in the Complete Idiots Guide to Eating Well on a Budget, by Lucy Beale and Jessica Partridge.

This is what you will need for 6 sandwiches:

1 pound lean ground beef

1 – 6 ounce can tomato paste

2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

1 tablespoonDijonmustard

¼ cup apple juice

6 buns

Here is what you do:

Brown the beef in a large skillet until no longer pink. Drain if necessary.

Add the tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon  mustard, and the apple juice. Stir well and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and let simmer for 15 minutes and the sauce thickens.

Serve on a bun with fruit salad and potato chips or other sides of your liking. See. Didn’t I tell you it was quick and easy?

Bon appétit!!!


1 pound lean ground beef                 $3.49

1 – 6 ounce can tomato paste           $0.99

2 tspns Worcestershire sauce           $0.24

1 tablespoonDijonmustard                $0.26

¼ cup apple juice                            $0.32

6 buns                                            $0.66

Total cost = $5.96
Cost per sandwich = $0.99

Quote of the Day

What’s right about America is that although we have a mess of problems, we have great capacity – intellect and resources – to do some thing about them.

Henry Ford II


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  • I remember the first time I had a sloppy joe. It was when visiting some friends in Connecticut and I thought the woman had lost her mind. I picked up my sandwich and half of it fell out and I was less than impressed. Then I took a bite. I instantly changed my mind. 🙂

    This is a wonderful post and you are so right. There’s immense good in the US and it saddens me to see Americans forgetting that and focusing instead on what we don’t all agree on. Maybe you’ll start a trend! I hope so.

    I’d like to see every American blogger write a post on what’s right in their world.

    • Roberta

      You and I are so on the same page about America. We have it so good we seem to forget that what we have is so much more than much of the world.

      Sloppy Joes are for the kid in each of us. 🙂

      Always appreciate your wonderful comments, Maureen.

  • Great post. I visited you on the advice of a very good friend of mine, Roberta J. Gordon. I’m very glad I followed her suggestion. I’m now one of your followers and am sure I’m going to love your posts. I’m also following you on twitter.

    • Roberta

      Wonderful to meet you Janna. Any friend of Roberta G’s is a friend of mine. Thank you for the lovely compliments and welcome to More Thyme. Glad to have you.

      What is your Twitter name so that I can follow you back. 🙂

  • Virginia Urbach

    We can add to that, “What is Right With the World”? It is “us” all of us. Desmond Tutu says: “The truth of who we are is that we are because we belong”.