Up Date On The Benefits of Laughter


In the post, Send in the Clowns, I shared recent research on the health benefits of laughter with you. These benefits include: relaxation, lowering blood pressure, an increase in antibodies, memory retention, creativity, a lessening of depression, reducing stress, and reducing blood sugar levels.

 Now you can add one more benefit to this list. Exercise.

Yes, according to an account  in the Scotsman laughter, “Has similar effects on the body as pumping iron in the gym.”

In fact, “Sessions of mirthful laughter – dubbed “laughercise” by researchers – enhance mood, reduce stress hormones, boost the immune system and lower blood pressure and levels of “bad” cholesterol, researchers have found.”

This latest study suggests that, “some of the effects of laughter mirror those of repetitive exercise.” So a good belly laugh is internal jogging.

Imagine that. We can replace a heavy workout at the gym with watching a good comedy TV show or movie.

The study was done by California physician Dr. Lee Berk, at Loma Linda University.

You can read more details of the study and its findings at the Scotsman link above.

The benefits of laughter just keep growing. So on this Mother’s DayI share with you the funniest Mother’s Day video I have ever seen. (See post above this one.)

I am taking a day off from posting a recipe.  I am taking a good friend out to dinner for Mother’s Day. Her children all live in other states. So I am taking her out so she won’t be by herself on this special day. I’ll be back with a new recipe in a day or two.

To all you mothers out there



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