Two Minute Pick Me Ups


These days we are all in a hurry and have too much to do. Stress is at epidemic levels it seems.  Chronic stress and exhaustion seems to be the norm these days. We do not seem to have or find time to relax.

So today I am sharing with you ten fast de-stressers or pick-me-ups. Some times all we need is a minute or two of doing some thing different to feel better and to recharge.

You are worth two minutes of your time!

Rub Your Earlobes

This is an acupressure technique that will help you clear your head and can dull a headache. Use your thumb and forefinger and gently massage those lobes. This has stopped headaches dead in their tracks for me. Works like a dream.

Stretch Stretch Stretch

Even if it is just standing up behind your desk stretch your arms above you several times.

Breathe Deep

Along with stretching above do some deep breathing.


Research has shown that just the simple act of smiling can improve your health, your energy, and your mood. Even if you are sad or angry, smiling can make you feel better.

Laugh Out Loud

For no reason. Just start laughing. Laugh for about 1 minute.

Go For a Walk

At lunch or at break time walk, even if it is inside the building where you work. If you can go outside, all the better. During snow storms in the winter I often just walk the perimeter of my condo inside since I can’t (or won’t) walk outside in a snow storm. Always energizes me.

Say Thanks

Quick, jot down five things for which you are grateful.


Take a minute or two to playfully draw or doodle, or even just scribble. Let your inner child go. .

Have a Cup of Tea or Coffee

Just drink it. No work.

Straighten Up Your Desk or Work Space



Turn off all electronic gizmos: computer, cell phone, Twitter, Facebook for 2 minutes. Just be with you, your thoughts, and your feelings.

 I hope you can find time to work a couple of these into your busy life every day.

Featured Recipe        Our Favorite Chicken Wings

There are a lot of great cooks on Twitter. Like last Monday’s recipe,  today’s  recipe is from another person I follow on Twitter, @DMPeanutBrittle.

This recipe just sounded so wonderful I just had to try it. And I was not disappointed one itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny little bit. These wings are just heavenly.

Dawn has a website, Dawn Marie’s Blog,  and she posted the recipe there a few weeks ago.

They are made in an unconventional way. But the results speak for themselves.

Five minutes after I put these wings  in the oven my whole house smelled ridiculously delicious. I wanted to eat them right then and there!

When I turned the little devils over half way through the roasting I wanted to eat them right then and there  too, since they both looked and smelled so scrumdillyishous!!!!!

A few cooking notes:

The wings I used today are the smallest chicken wings I have ever seen. It took me five stores to find them. I could have gotten whole chicken wings. But, as you know, I am too lazy to cut and disjoint chicken wings myself. Plus there is always that failing scissor cutting in fifth grade thingie.

The recipe calls for roasting the wings for an hour-and-a-half. Today I cut that short by 15 minutes because wings this small do not need to be cooked the full time. I am sure glad I let my nose do a lot of my cooking. I got them out of the oven just in the knick of time. A second longer in the oven and they would have burned.

I should have realized I needed to adjust the roasting time since they were so small. So let my almost mistake be your guide. Adjust the cooking time upon how big or small the wings are.

Dawn gives a recipe for 8-10 pounds of wings. That is about 70 wings. Today I used slightly over 3 pounds of wings, or 24 wings total.

But since there are no hard and fast ingredient amounts in this recipe it doesn’t matter much at all.

Notes on Taste

These wings are absolutely divine!!!  They are crisp and tasty and very filling. Six and I was full. Dawn serves her with corn-on-the-cob and twice-baked potatoes. Keeping with the falls season today I served mine with corn-on-the-cob and a fall medley of squash.

However, Dawn, I am sorry I cannot help you and your family decide the hot-cold dilemma. I liked them both hot straight from the oven and cold. They are great either way!!!!

This is what you will need for about 70 wings: 

8-10 lbs. of chicken wings, disjointed, tips discarded


Lawry’s Seasoned salt

Garlic powder


Mazola oil*

*I used regular vegetable oil.

Cooking Utensils You Will Need:
Here is what you do:

Dawn’s recipe directions are in black print below. My commentary and notes are in azure.

Preheat oven to 375 F.

Line cookie sheets and sides with heavy duty aluminum foil.

NOTE: I sprayed my aluminum foil with a light layer of Spray oil to prevent sticking.

Rinse chicken off and let drain in a colander.

NOTE: I also wiped the wings off with a paper towel.

Fill a quart size zip lock bag about 1/3  full of  flour.

NOTE: For 3 pounds I used a little less than 2/3 cup flour.

Season the flour liberally with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, garlic powder, and pepper. You want to put enough seasoning in so you can smell it.

NOTE: Like Rachel Ray always says, eye ball it. Add as much of each as you think you will like. You will be able to smell it.

Also pour oil in a shallow bowl.

NOTE: I used about ½ cup total. I started with a little and added more as I needed to.

Shake 5-6 wings in the bag of seasoned flour, then roll in the oil; let some of the oil drain off the wing and place on the foil lined cookie sheet.

Repeat with the rest of the wings, adding more oil to the bowl as needed – taking care not to crowd the wings too tightly together on the cookie sheets.

Depending on how many wings you make, you will need 2-3 large cookie sheets.

Bake in oven for 1½ hours, turning once, or until both sides of the wing are deep golden brown.

When you turn the wings, be careful to go underneath the wing and loosen it from the foil without leaving the skin stuck to the foil – that’s where all your flavor is, and the best part!

NOTE: Spraying the foil before hand made turning these delicious little devils much easier. First I loosened the wings with a thin spatula. Then I turned them using tongs. Not too many were stuck and it was easy getting most of them turned without loosing any of that delicious golden crust!!  Entire process took less than 3 minutes.

When they are done, remove to a platter or bowl lined with paper towels and drain.

 Then dig in! Hee hee hee…I can almost hear the moaning going on Please let me know your verdict…better hot or cold??

Serve on platers for a party.

Or serve for dinner.

Either way these chicken wings are YuMmmmmmm Delicious!!

Bon appétit!!! 

Cost for 3+ pounds

About 3 people

3+ pounds wings         $10.19

Flour                          $0.32

Lawry’s salt                 $0.85

Garlic powder              $0.49

Pepper                        $0.22

Oil                              $1.44

Total Cost = $13.51

Cost per person = $4.50

Following is a direct link to Dawn’s:  Our Favorite Chicken Wings recipe.

Quote of the Day

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.

Sydney J. Harris


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