Things I Have Learned About Life


I have to accept the world as it is; not as I want it to be, what I think it should be, or wish it would be.

Ditto for people.

It is a good habit to avoid using the word “should” with everyone including myself.

People are going to do what they want, no matter what I think is right or what I want them to do, or what I say. So I don’t try to change them. I enjoy them as they are. If I can’t do that….….I try to be kind and leave them alone. Most of the time I can’t change myself. What makes me think I can change someone else?

No matter how bad things are there is always someone worse off than I am. Always.

Life is meant for  friends, doing good, enjoying, and having fun.

Santa IS real and lies inside each of us.

Sometimes great people and great gifts come my way when I least expect it, in unlikely places, and from unlikely sources.

It is OK to sing the Star Spangled Banner off  key; if I just sing softly.      

It is better to be optimistic.

It is Ok to cry in public.                                                                                                                      

There is wonder and magic in the world if only I slow down enough to look for and find it.

Things are never as bad as I think they are.

I do not HAVE to do anything. The choice is always mine.

It is healthy to act goofy and silly sometimes.

Sometimes the hardest yet best thing I can do in certain situations is let go and do nothing.

I never let my doubts and fear stop me from doing what I really want to do.

Being on time shows respect for others.

Mistakes are inevitable and are not the end of the world. I try to make them right when I can. Learn from them. Forget them. Move on.

The moment of absolute certainty never arrives. I can only make the best decision I can at the time. I can change my mind later if it does not work out. It is not the end of the world if I do make a mistake or the wrong decision.

Pistachios are addictive.  

Eating a square of dark chocolate can make the entire world seem right.

If I am honest I cannot avoid offending or hurting some people occasionally. But I can be gentle on those occasions.

Failure is not permanent.

I have learned sometimes it is best to just to let life go through its own cycle. My worrying, fretting, and complaining doesn’t hurry the life cycle.

Life is precious. I savor every moment. Even the crappy ones.

Respect has to be earned.

The world is full of beauty. Explore it and enjoy it.

Being grateful for what I have does not mean I can’t work for and strive for more and better.

Change is the only constant in the Universe.

No matter how much I like, dislike, or talk about the weather I am not going to change it. So I do not waste my energy and time on something I can do nothing about.

The Universe  has been here a lot longer than I have. I think it knows how to take care of itself without my meddling.

There are more good people in the world than bad or evil ones. I have met both in my life. I make a conscious effort never to let the bad ones change my belief in the goodness of others.

I try not to be afraid to try some thing new. I have surprised myself many times.

Pain and sadness comes. So do pleasure and joy.

Smile a lot. Laugh often. I feel better when I do.

I will not sell my principles for temporary or even long term gain. The only person I have to live with 24 hours a day is me.  At the end of the day I want to still like me.

There is still SO much I must  yet learn and do.

I never  know what will happen next. But good or bad, bring her on!

Featured Recipe        Curry Pork Chops

I found this recipe in a newspaper dozens of years ago. What I like most about it is how it makes the house smell so good. Curry powder has a way of doing that.

I also like how quick and easy this recipe is too.

There are other recipes out there for some thing similar to this recipe. But none of them are as quick as this one. These other recipes  I have discovered over the years use more ingredients and often take longer to fix. I always like recipes that are simple and fast and easy to make, especially on week nights. Not too many ingredients and no fuss is my mantra.

This recipe fits that description to a “T.”

This is what you will need for 3-4 people:

3 -4 pork chops

1 tablespoon curry powder*

2 tablespoons oil

1 medium sweet onion

2 apples (your choice)

Salt and pepper to taste

*Use any kind of curry that you like. I am using a sweet curry.

Here is what you do:

Sprinkle both sides of the chops with the curry powder.

Chop the onions and after washing, chop the apples. Set aside.

NOTE: How To Dice an Apple

TIP: If you want to keep the apples from browning squirt some lemon juice over them.

Heat the oil over medium high heat till very hot but not smoking.  

When the oil is hot add the chops and cook, turning once or twice, until they are browned on both sides and done. This will take only 3-6 minutes depending on thickness. Do not over cook the chops or you will get tough, dry chop. If you use thick pork chops you will need 12-16 minutes of cooking time.  SEE: Pork Cooking Guide

Remove the chops from the pan and keep them warm by tenting with some foil.

In the same pan sauté the chopped onion until soft. If the pan is dry add about one-half to one teaspoon of oil to the skillet. Scrape up any brown bits on the bottom of the pan.

Then add the apples to the skillet and warm until just lightly heated. I try to keep the apples as crisp as possible. You may want them cooked longer Add some salt and pepper to taste to the onion and apple mixture.

Place a pork chop on a plate and add a spoonful or two of the onion and apple mixture to the top of each pork chop. Serve with rice pilaf and a salad.

Bon appétit!!!


4 pork chops                       $10.18

1 tbspn curry powder           $0.76

2 tablespoons oil                  $0.24

1 medium sweet onion          $0.69

2 apples                              $1.43

Salt & pepper to taste

Total Cost (3) = $10.76
Cost per person (3) = $3.59
Total cost (4) = $13.30
Cost per person (4) = $3.33

Quote of the Day

People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

George Carlin,   from the book: When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?


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