The Stylish Blogger Award


I am happy and proud to report to you today that Kate at Calamity Kate’s Kitchen has awarded me this the Stylish Blogger Award.



I first became aware of the Stylish Blogger Award last spring when one of the cooking blogs I was visiting had been awarded one. I had only been blogging about a month. And I thought to myself, “Gee. Some day I hope to be good enough that one of my peers thinks I am good enough for this.” So I vowed to work real hard and learn as much as I could about blogging.

But then I got busy with actually blogging and I forgot about it.

So I was totally and completely surprised when Kate informed me last week she had awarded me. She knocked my socks off!!!!

Kate, you made my day. You made my year!!!!

Since then I have done some research trying to find out who started this chain of awards. I cannot find anything. I found a lot of blogs who have received the award. But nothing about who started it.

But that is not surprising. This award is so emblematic of the blogging world. Everyone is so kind, supportive, and everyone helps each other. And that is what this award is all about – support and helping one another.

This award also is the perfect opportunity to say “Thank You,” to you all.

Stylish Bloggers Award Winners Must:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

4. Contact these blogger and tell them about the award!


Thank you Kate  at CalamityKate’sKitchen for your thoughtfulness, kindness, and friendship. You have taught me so much. I urge my readers to visit Kate’s blog by clicking the link above. You will not be disappointed. Plus she is just so nice!!!

15 Blogs

It was very hard for me to whittle my picks for the Stylish Blogger Award down to just fifteen. I had to eliminate so many I really, really wanted to include.  There are so many wonderful blogs and cooking blogs.  There are so many wonderful and great home and professional cooks. I wish I could award you all!! You are all so deserving.

I was not told I had to choose just cooking blogs, so you will notice I have a few non-cooking blogs I think are very stylish too.

Bloggers as a rule are super helpful, kind, and very generous people. They all have all helped me in one way or another whether they know it or not.

But I had to choose only 15 and so after many changes I finally decided on these fifteen.

I have learned so much from all of you. Thank you from the bottom, top, sides and whole of my heart!

I urge you to visit these blogs too. You will not be disappointed.

Every one was notified of the award.

Seven Things About Me

1. I have a God-given gift for being able to teach young children and struggling readers how to read.

2. My favorite novel is War and Peace. I have read it three times and I want to read it once more before my time on this earth is up. Each time I read it I see new and different things in it.

3. I went to an all girl school for 12 years. College was my first coed school. All of the schools provided me with a first rate education for which I am very grateful and thankful.

4. My favorite foods are King Crab Legs; followed by lobster tails, shrimp, and steak. I have not fixed any recipe using any of these  ingredients on my blog.

5. I am sentimental and cry when seeing certain commercials, TV shows or movies, and I unashamedly tear up every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner.

6. I have a very limited signing range. I can only sing in three keys. Off. Off-ful. And God off-ful. Take your pick.

7. My high school swimming coach once told me I could be an Olympic swimmer. But I do not have that kind of drive so today I am a cooking blogger. I know I made the right decision.

Again to all of all of my blogging mentors and friends ~

No Recipe today. I’m Out Celebrating.

Quote of the Day

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Dr. Martin Luther King
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15 comments to The Stylish Blogger Award

  • Oh wow Roberta. I am flattered. Thank you for including me you your awards list. You always have an interesting perspective filled with information that is useful and enlightening. I will carry and pass on the torch very soon. YOU have a wonderful week.
    Cheers! Scott

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Roberta and Felisha Wild. Felisha Wild said: @MoreThymeBlog Good morning Roberta, thank you so much for your mention. 🙂 […]

  • Thank you so much! It is so flattering when you realize your blog has reached people you haven’t even met yet in the vast world of food bloggers. Nice to meet you in such a sweet way! I like your #5… I am very much the same way! I cannot watch the commercials for homeless pets in shelters. I bawl every time… I have to change the channel when they come on!

    • Roberta

      Isn’t it amazing how blogs reach so many? I love your philosophy of easy cooking and down to earth recipes.

  • Thank you so much for includind CharmingItaly in your list!Much appreciated. We will keep on checking your new tasty recipes.

  • First off, congratulations to More Thyme Than Dough for winning the Stylish Blogger Award. I must admit that it’s a very informative blog and I’ve told several friends about it, especially those in money crunch situations.

    Secondly, thank you so very much for thinking of Culinaria in your list of 15 blogs. While we haven’t won any awards of any sort (yet), it makes me feel great knowing that the blog is taking a direction that’s pleasing to the community and thus not just becoming another food blog out there amongst the gazillion blogs on the net.

    I’ll be sure to share the love with More Thyme Than Dough and check out the other blogs on the list. Thanks again.

    • Roberta

      Thank you, Alex for stopping by. You have a beautiful blog. I always enjoy reading and learning from you.

  • Carol Sternberg

    Congratulations! I applaud you. Can you hear?

  • Friend with a job and a chance at another one!

    A little behind on my reading so a belated Congratulations, girlfriend! You are so deserving!

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  • Dear Roberta,

    How fabulously fun to learn some interesting tidbits about you. Congratulations, your Blog truly deserves the Stylish Blog award.

    I am so honored to be nominated by you & Chef Felisha, you are both fascinatingly, fun, and clever women. I am blessed to have met you to brighten my days!

    Thanks for sharing!

    With Love & Gratitude,

    Sammy Sutton XX

    • Roberta

      And I am blessed to have met you and have you brighten my days and to learn so much from you. Blessings.

  • Hi there Roberta,

    Thanks for the post. I am a day late and a dollar short on this post but better late then never. LOL

    It’s wonderful to learn these things about you. Have a wonderful evening. It has been wonderful getting to know you.

    Many regards,

    Chef Felisha Wild