The Resilience Of The Human Spirit


Then and Now

On Wednesday I gave you only numbers and statistics about D-Day, and through his actions made a comment on how a real leader behaves.

Today I link to a web sites with some absolutely positively amazing pictures of Normandy in the aftermath of D-Day and pictures from today.

They are interesting not only because they show the horrendous aftermath of the battle, but they show what much of Europe looked like just less than one-hundred years ago. Notice the dirt roads, even in cities.

But mostly the pictures are a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. After four years under Hitler’s occupation and then the  aftermath of the liberation France and all of Europe were in ruins. These pictures are a tribute to all of Europe and the United States of America, who helped pay for much of the rebuiding, and to the resilience of the human spirit  as countries rebuilt their lives and their countries.

Normandy – Then and Now

“There exist some evils so terrible and some misfortunes so horrible that we dare not think of them, whilst their very aspect makes us shudder; but if they happen to fall on us, we find ourselves stronger than we imagined, we grapple with our ill luck, and behave better than we expected we should.”
Jean de La Bruyere
 Featured Recipe    Banana Gingersnap Pistachio Lime Sherbet

I have not shared a dessert recipe in some time. How terrible of me. Hopefully I make up for such a grievious oversight today. Today’s dessert recipe is as delicious as it is easy to make.

Basically I am sharing a technique. You can use any kind of ice cream, sherbet, or frozen yogurt that you like. And choose your own toppings as well. Don’t like gingersnaps? Use a cookie you like. Don’t like pistachios?  Use your fave. You get the idea.

This is what you will need for 4 desserts:

1 quart of sherbet

About 6 gingersnap cookies

About 10 pistachios

2 bananas

Here is what you do:

Place the cookies in a plastic bag and seal. Using a rolling pin smash the cookies until well crumbled. I always find this easier to do if I place a few cloth tea towels under the bag.

Just bang away with that rolling pin. Let go of all your pent up frustrations!

In fact, put on a good disco song and get some exercise too. Shake your booty! Shake your booty!! Shake Shake Shake. Shake Shake Shake. Who ever thought cooking could be this much fun!

Shell the pistachios and put in a plastic bag and seal. Smash them with the rolling pin too.

Slice the bananas.

Place a scoop or two of the sherbet in a dessert bowl. Place the bananas around the outside of the sherbet. Top the sherbet with the crushed cookies and nuts.

NOTE: I would have drizzled some chocolate over it all too, but alas, I had none in the house today.

Eat and enjoy this great dessert and Recession Buster Recipe© on any hot and humid day.

Bon appétit!!! 


 1 quart sherbet                     $1.67

About 6 cookies                     $0.24

About 10 pistachios                $0.22

2 bananas                             $0.41

Total cost = $2.54
Cost per serving = $0.64

Quote of the Day

Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.



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