The 12 Days of Christmas


I have never cared all that much for this Christmas song.  It is too long for one thing. It just goes on and on and on. 

Of course, it is better than Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer and all. But that’s not saying much. 

Really when you think about, it is kind of dumb. Geese and swans and cows would make a bit of an uproar not to mention quite a commotion. Don’t you think? I mean all the noise created with all them critters running all over the place.  

And the mess. The mess. Who is going to clean up after the 12 days?

That’s the burning question of the season for me. Who is going to clean up the mess from all those geese, cows, and swans. Who I ask?

Not me. No sir! Not me. I would automatically eliminate any man from consideration if he sent me even half of the “gifts” in this song. I mean, what was he smoking????

I tell you who would clean up. The crazy man that sent me this stuff.

However, in 2006 my attitude changed totally and completly when a friend forwarded an email with a You tube video of a version of the song by a group called, Straight No Chaser. I actually watched and listened to the entire thing – the whole song – yes I did!!

I was captivated. Well, me and twelve million others!!!  

In case you are not familiar with the group, there are really two Straight No Chaser groups. Wikipedia can give a better explanation than I can.

Straight No Chaser (SNC) is the name of two related but separate a cappella men’s singing groups.

The Indiana University amateur college group now known as “Indiana University’s Straight No Chaser” is composed of 10 to 12 undergraduate men whose lineup changes every year.

The professional group, known simply as Straight No Chaser, is composed of former members, mostly original members, of the college group.

In 2006, a 1998 video of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” went viral and subsequently led to a five-album record deal with Atlantic Records in 2008. The YouTube video has been viewed by more than 12 million people…………….

With that introduction and without further ado, ladies and gentlemen I present…………                                                                                                                          




                                                                                                 Bravo. Bravo!! Bravo!!!!  Well done gentlemen!
Featured Recipe       Sunset Punch

This is a very festive looking punch.  Therefore it is perfect for all of the Winter holidays. It is fun. It really does look like a setting sun.

Best of all it is super easy to make.

Sunset Punch is a delicious non-alcoholic drink for the Christmas holidays or for any party or celebration any time of year.

This is what you will need:

Cranberry juice

Orange juice, pulp free

Refrigerated Ginger ale

Here is what you do:

Pour about one-half of the cranberry juice in ice cube trays. You can make more ice cubes if you like.

You do not have to use the stars ice cube trays. I found those many years ago for the 4th of July when I made red, white and blue ice cubes. Looked really cool and patriotic in 7-Up!!!  But a plain ice cube tray works just as well. Or if you can find a Christmas ice cube tray that would be great and festive too!!!

Place in the freezer till frozen through.

In a pitcher combine equal parts orange juice and Ginger ale.

Pour into glasses, add three or four of the cranberry ice cubes and serve.

When the ice cubes start to melt it creates a pretty swirl of color that resembles a sunset.

OPTIONAL: If you have some fresh oranges in the fridge cut them into slices, then slice them in half again and float one in each glass or hang on the rim of the glass.

You can use a punch bowl instead of a pitcher. Then add the cranberry ice cubes to the punch bowl.

SPECIAL NOTE: Just for the record, non-alcoholic beverages are not the only drinks I prepare. I have a magnificent hot spiced red wine recipe. I always make it for New Year’s Eve.

I will share it with you well in advance.

Bon appétit!!!


Cranberry juice (½ 64 oz. bottle)               $1.58

Orange juice, pulp free (2 quarts)              $3.49                         

Refrigerated Ginger ale (2 quarts)              $1.00

Makes 32 ~ 4 ounce drinks

Total cost $6.07
Cost per drink = $0.19

Quote of the Day

Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.

Dale Evans


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