Popping Pills


Are Americans over medicated?

Some facts lead me to believe so.

At a yearly profit of more than $650 billion, the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable commercial commodity and industry in America. Even during the current recession, health care spending continues to grow.

Including both prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines Americans buy […]

Live Each Day To The Fullest


I was looking through the boxes in my storage area recently looking for some Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations.

As always when I do something like this I find things I was not looking for.

One of the things I found was the last card my father sent me for my birthday in […]


Since there is sooooo much snow in soooo much of the nation, today I thought I would share a delightful little poem. It is actually snowing in 49 states!! Only Florida has no snow.

I like poetry. When I taught school I used to read a lot of poems to […]