They’re At It Again

Back in August of last year I did a two-part series on grocery store tricks. Most of the tricks try to get you to buy more of an item than you want or can afford. Links here: Tricks of the Trade 1 Tricks of the Trade 2

But grocery stores are […]

Tricks of the Trade


Part Deux

Well, last time I shared the beautiful ambiance (music, aroma, taste) type tricks grocery stores use to get us all to willingly and happily fork over our hard earned money to them. Today I am going to share some of the sneakier and more costly tricks stores (and the food manufacturing […]

Tricks of the Trade

Or How Grocery Stores Get You to Buy More Than You Came For

With the newest unemployment figures higher, with more people on food stamps, and with food costs rising we all have to be very careful how much we spend at the grocery store. None of us can afford to waste money on […]