One Act of Kindness

We sometimes believe that we can do nothing to change the world. I mean we are only one person. Right?

Well, I recently read an essay that touched my heart very deeply and shows how just one act of kindness, a few words, CAN indeed change a person’s whole life. The essay […]

Slow-Baked Tomatoes


This recipe can be used as either a side dish, in which case it serves six. Or, it can be used as a meal itself. Then it would serve three.

If you have left over tomatoes from you garden this is a great dish to make to help you use up the end […]

Tin Ear Vs Heart of Stone

This is a food and cooking blog. This is not a political blog. But sometimes cooking and politics do meet. And they are intersecting right now in a way that makes me very upset.

Just like I was when I wrote the very first post here at MTTD […]