On Overload

I don’t know about you, but I am on overload right now.

The harsh winter. The lack of sunshine this spring. Tsunami in Japan. All of the rain. Rising food costs. Rising gasoline costs. And now over 100 tornados in the south yesterday. And worse, seeing the massive destruction when day broke […]

Give Us Our Daily Bread

Before I get to the bread part of today’s post I want to share some intriguing information I read on the John Tesh website.

Do you tend to eat more during the holidays? I think most of us do. Have you ever wondered why […]

Simple Pleasures

In a recent post I wrote about the importance of gratitude. Part of gratitude is enjoying the here and now; the simple pleasure of just existing. Slowing down long enough to notice what we are doing and seeing right now. The simple pleasure of enjoying the ordinary things and activities of everyday […]