Why We Are Fat

Too Many Carbs

I know. I know. I sound like a broken record harping on carbs all the time.

However, a recent study conducted at Australia’s University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre found that, “A lack of protein in the modern diet is a cause of overeating and is a big factor in causing […]

Mr. Musburger You Can Call Me Beautiful

Anytime You Want The world has gone utterly stupidly nuts!!!!

We have become overly sensitive to anything and everything anyone says anymore. It has gotten out of control. It is starting to verge on the edge of limiting free speech.

We have tied our tongues up in knots.

I have never gone out of […]

Where’s the Beef?

In case you have not heard, beef prices are rising again. Seems the drought in the southwest, especially in Texas and Oklahoma is having huge economic consequences in many areas of life. If so inclined you can read more here: Beef.

I have noticed rising beef prices for several months […]