Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice


I am talking spices.

Humans have been using spices to jazz up their foods for eons. The first estimated date of spice use is 1700 BCE. The spice: cloves. The place: Syria.

Ramesses II of Egypt had two peppercorns stuck in his nostrils when he was mummified.

The Black […]

Shop Smart

ss 13 Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping

Is possible to sidestep the marketing and psychological tricks that grocery stores use to get you to spend more money?


The first way to shop smart is just to know and be aware of the ticks stores play. That is half the battle right there. […]

Tricks of the Trade


Part Deux

Well, last time I shared the beautiful ambiance (music, aroma, taste) type tricks grocery stores use to get us all to willingly and happily fork over our hard earned money to them. Today I am going to share some of the sneakier and more costly tricks stores (and the food manufacturing […]