Use This Not That

Today’s post is a continuation of last Friday’s post, Where’s the Beef?

This post shows you how to reduce the cost of a recipe by simply making inexpensive ingredient substitutions for more expensive ingredients.

I then show you how to do it with a real recipe.

Before we begin though […]

Sugar and Spice and All Things NOT So Nice


The last few posts here at MTTD have been real downers. I have written about the rising costs of meat, food and groceries. Today I want to be more proactive (and positive) and begin sharing some ways for you to save money.

Last September in the post Sugar and Spice and All things […]

The 3000 Mile Scam


What does changing the oil in your car and food have in common?

On the surface, nothing. But if you dig a little deeper you may be surprised.

Here at MTTD we know that the recession has made household budgets very tight. So any time I can find a way for MTTD readers […]