Would You Like To Swing On a Star?


I don’t have a star. But I do have a couple of used swings.

Forty plus years ago when I was in college a professor handed out a mimeographed cartoon of a series of five swings in ‘various stages of dysfunction,’ and a sixth swing which I will […]

Everyday Cook and Everyday Food


Today I have a real Easy Peasy Cheesy treat for you.

Today Everyday Cook, Gary shares his Miami Style Cuban Sandwich, that cheesy, toasted, flattened slice of heaven.

Gary is another of my Twitter friends. In his Tweets he teases his followers by posting pictures and recipes of mouth watering meals he makes, […]

Everyday Cooks and Everyday Food


Everyday Cook #3

Today I share the third installment of Everyday Cooks in More Thyme’s series on everyday folks who cook up good meals.

And I am super proud today to introduce you to Ryan.

Some of you may remember my 93 year old neighbors, Floyd and Betty […]