Are You a Member of the Clean Plate Club?


How many of us were told as children, “Clean your plate. There are starving children in ____.” Fill in the blank with the starving children in poor country de jour.

I think maybe a lot of us.

The clean plate club has its origins in the Great Depression and the two World […]

Top Five Confessions of Professional Chefs


When I am driving in the early evening or at night I like to listen to the John Tesh radio show. First the music is soft rock. During the day I love classic 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s rock. But at night I like my music a little slower.

But mostly I love John’s […]

The Truth About Superfoods

I hear and read about Superfoods all the time on TV and in magazines. This vegetable will make my skin look like a new-born baby’s. This berry will help me lose 1000 pounds in two hours! This fruit will keep me from ever dying. […]