Firecrackers in September

During the never-ending Recession life is getting harder and money is getting tighter for many of us. So today I just want to give you a few moments of pure joy and entrtainment.

And WOW! Do I have a treat for you today!!!!!

Firecrackers aren’t just for the 4th of July […]

The Obesity Epidemic

Or Is It?

I keep hearing and reading alarmist news that more and more Americans are over weight, obese even. An epidemic they call it. Over fifty percent of Americans are considered to be obese according to some news reports these days.

I look at my friends and my neighbors and I ask: where […]

Eat The Foods You Love

10 Nutrition Myths

Regular readers here know that since I retired I do not buy magazines as they are just too expensive. So I get them at the library for free. That often means I am reading how to prepare soil for a summer garden at Christmas time. But I look at it this […]