The Psychology of Vegetables


11111 I don’t like it!!!

How many times do parents hear that refrain from their children when it comes to eating vegetables?

And how tiring is it for you to tell your kids they have to eat their vegetables? We use every trick in the book: “They are healthy for you.” “They will […]

After the Tourists Leave


Every year for More Thyme Than Dough’s Memorial Day post I scour the internets to find a new and different story to share with you.

This year I did not have much luck. So I was just going to share snippets from a D-Day speech.

However, by luck, good fortune, or the grace […]

Word Play



My earliest memories revolve around being read to by my father and playing word games with him. At first it was mostly rhyming games. Later we got into meanings and how meanings can change. I always remember laughing a lot and having loads of fun. When I was in the 6th […]