Does Food Color Matter?

Have you ever seen a purple lemon? Have you ever seen a blue steak? Would you eat red broccoli?

We learn from birth on to associate red with cherry, yellow with lemonade, blue with blueberries, and so on. We come to expect certain colors from certain foods.

However, color can fool our […]

The Kossuth Colony

Immigration 100 Years Ago

My Hungarian mother was born and grew up in Dayton, Ohio near the remanents of the Kossuth Colony. Her immigrants parents, my grandparents, actually lived there for years.

The Kossuth Colony was built in 1905–1906 to house the Eastern European immigrant workers for one of Dayton’s […]

Q. What Foods Can Be Frozen?


A. Just about everything.

Some exceptions would be canned foods (except after opening,) eggs, and dairy products are a few. Anything with a high water content is not a good candidate for freezing as the water will freeze and then make the food mushy as it defrosts.

You can freeze anything, but the […]