Everyday Cook and Everyday Food


The other day I was tweeting with a friend – @Goddess_Anoia – when a Tweeter I did not know or follow sent both Goddess and me a tweet with an amazing on-line cookbook. I looked through it right away cause that is what cooks do. It has many fantastic recipes. This new Tweeter […]

Park of Roses


To date I have showed you some really impressive parks in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. But I have saved THE best till now.

There is only one word that fits The Columbus Park of Roses – spectacular.

In June, 2006 USA Today named The Park of Roses as one […]

Top Ten Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Eating Healthy and Well on a Shoestring Budget

On MTTD’s recent survey several of you asked for ways to eat healthy AND save money at the same time. I will share a few of those today and will share more in future posts.

1. Cook at Home and Use Real […]