Daily Exercise For the Non-Athletic


Every day it seems a new report comes out that in addition to eating well we must bust our buns exercising to be healthy. I guess proper weight control and physical fitness cannot be attained simply by preparing and eating the good, healthy, and delicious food presented here every week.

And for those […]


Update #1 No Bake Sales in American Schools Either

Seems like just yesterday I wrote a post about the Australian government making a regulation that any cake sold in Australia has to be produced in a “licensed kitchen.”

Soon to a school near you.

New legislation was passed […]

Could Potatoes Save Your Life?

The news this week has not been good. One, a recent CNBC article says inflation has arrived. I have read a few other articles that claim what we are experiencing is no longer recession, but a full depression.

I know from personal experience that the last two weeks I have […]