Just the Facts Ma’am! Just the Facts!


I always liked the Jack Webb TV show Dragnet. I loved it when he spoke to eye-witnesses of a crime and said, “Just the facts, ma’am.” “Just the facts.”

I really think we need a ‘just the facts’ attitude and mentality when we talk about social security these days.

Why would I even […]

Daily Exercise For the Non-Athletic


Every day it seems a new report comes out that in addition to eating well we must bust our buns exercising to be healthy. I guess proper weight control and physical fitness cannot be attained simply by preparing and eating the good, healthy, and delicious food presented here every week.

And for those […]

The Longevity Project

What factors lead to a long life?

Eating the right foods? Vigorous exercise everyday? Supplements? A happy marriage? Optimism?

The answer it seems is none of the above.

Over the years we have had antidotal answers to this question.

We have had wild guesses.

We have had […]