Does Healthy Life Style Mean Longer Life?



That has been the mantra for eons.

But recent research may have turned that old wisdom on its head! In a Science Digest article, Lifestyles of the old and healthy defy expectations the researchers found:




People who live to 95 or older are no more virtuous than the rest […]

Not So Wordless Wednesday


I know what you are thinking. I know!! And you are right. You are thinking: “I knew it couldn’t last.” There was no way she could do any more Wordless Wednesdays. It is a miracle she ever did three. There are just too many words in her. She always has some thing to […]

I Won’t Grow Up

In a recent post I shared excerpts of a new study on Longevity.

In my humble opinion just living a long life is not the only goal, or even the main goal.

What is more important for me is what kind of life I live? What kind of person am I ? […]