10 Foods Under $1 Per Serving


MTTD Best Of………..

This post was originally published on September 21, 2010; a little more than a year ago. And grocery prices have risen even higer since then. And they are still rising as we speak. Last year I listed peanut butter as being a bargain. It pretty much still is. But it […]

10 Foods Under $1 Per Serving



The numbers are not encouraging. Unemployment is up. Numbers of people on food stamps up. Foreclosures up. Cost of food and heating up.

All of these increases make our personal and home budgets even tighter.

So this means less money to buy food to feed our families. We shall have to […]

Two Quizzes


A friend forwarded an email to me recently that got me to thinking. The email was simply two quizzes. One I failed miserably. The other I aced. The quizzes helped me put a lot of things in perspective.

During rough economic times like this current recession sometimes we just need something to help […]