The Heart of Leadership

I begin today’s post with a confession.

I am a fallen away Catholic and have been so for over forty years. I do not expect that to change during the rest of my life.


Nevertheless, I always follow the death of a Pope, the ensuing election, and their […]

Firecrackers in September

During the never-ending Recession life is getting harder and money is getting tighter for many of us. So today I just want to give you a few moments of pure joy and entrtainment.

And WOW! Do I have a treat for you today!!!!!

Firecrackers aren’t just for the 4th of July […]

Joyful Living


I get hundreds of emails a week. Most of them are forwards from friends of jokes, cartoons, poems, videos, slide shows, essays and the like. I love them all, even them ones I have received one-hundred times or more.

But few of these forwards have touched me as deeply as the following video.