Wild Mushroom Crostini



I must have writer’s block or some thing because I could not think of anything to write about today.

But I have this fantastic quick and easy recipe I just HAVE to share with you.

I heart mushrooms any way, any how. So I would tell you every mushroom […]

I Am Officially In The Twilight Zone


What Is Wrong With Schools? What Is Wrong With Society?

Well at least this time it is not in America.


EAG News broke the news.

Fingerprints To Be Used To Track Food Bought By Children

STOURBRIDGE, England – A school is implementing a biometric system to better track what students are eating […]

What Is Enough For You?


I love spring.

I love the renewal and rebirth of life after the long darkness and cold of winter. I love the cheery colors of bushes and flowers blooming again. I love the warmth. Is there any better feeling than warm sunshine on your face? I think not.

There is vibrancy in the […]