The Best of MTTD…………….

ww aa This post originally ran on November 17, 2010

In light of the newest research on fat I shared with you last Friday, I thought it was topical to share the series on the Lipid Hypotheseis from last November to kick off The Best of MTTD.

What Is the Lipid Hypothesis? […]

Three Little Words


During this Never-Ending Recession we need as much inspiration as we can get. And we all need encouragement from time to time. These phrases are made up of small words. But these small words can make all the difference in the world to someone who needs encouragement while trying to find a job, […]

Up Up and Away


Coming soon to a grocery store near you. Higher prices for meat products.

According to the website and the meat prices have risen 6.2% since January, 2010. Even hamburger is way up and is predicted to go even higher this year.

This increase was much higher than the increase in all […]