In Praise of Older Women

Today I am 65 years young.

And I say that proudly, head held high, and full of passion and verve and looking forward to many more years!!!

It is not just wines and cheese that get better with age.

It is women too.

And I have never felt better in my life. […]

Crystal Ball Gazing

I remember when I was in 5th grade, 1955-56, we read in Our Weekly Reader, a newspaper for grade school students, predicted that one day we would have telephones where we could see, in real time, who we were talking to. And so it came to pass.

But not all predictions come […]

Fruit Desserts


So far in the Summer’s Bounty series I have shared a Mandarin orange and strawberry fruit salad, and a cold cherry soup recipe. (OK. So it was really a desert disguised as a cold soup.) Let’s just get right down to it then. Today I share a REAL dessert with you. And trust […]