The New Face of Hunger in America


I started this blog sixteen months ago because of news reports of the increasing number of middle class Americans who have to rely on food stamps and food pantries to feed their families.

Not poor, but middle class families.

I hoped that MTTD could provide a place for people […]

Living Off America’s Waste

Kudos to Wal-Mart for their company wide policy of donating, “short-dated or mildly damaged foods,” to foodbanks.

Thumbs down and big, loud BOOS to both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for throwing away, “perfectly edible foods,” in their dumpsters.

According to both Jill Ettinger of Organic Authority and […]

Snow Days Means Some Children Go Hungry

Well, another snow storm blew into the north east last Friday closing down just about everything in its wake, including schools. Unreported in the coverage of the storms this winter is the fact that the children who live in homes below the poverty line or from homes where one […]