Everyday Cooks and Everyday Food


Today’s Everyday Food Guest Post is from another of my Twitter friends.

One of the things I love most about Twitter is all of the people I meet from around the world. I have friends in Australia, Thailand, Scotland, Argentina, and the Netherlands to name just a very few.

Twitter is much better […]

How Many Pills Are Too Many?



In running this series on the drug industry, I am not suggesting in any way shape or form that you should stop taking your medicine. I do not tell people what to do. For the most part, I do not believe in ‘shoulds.’ Only you can make decisions about your health. “Be […]

Food Love and Music


Hungarians love good food. Food, love, and music are deeply entwined in the Hungarian soul. In Hungarian culture food is used as a buffer to melt away one’s troubles. When you visit a Hungarian one of the first they ask is, “Do you want something to eat? I have………” and they list 16 […]