Top Ten Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Eating Healthy and Well on a Shoestring Budget

On MTTD’s recent survey several of you asked for ways to eat healthy AND save money at the same time. I will share a few of those today and will share more in future posts.

1. Cook at Home and Use Real […]

The Best Is Yet To Come

Researchers have discovered that people reach peak happiness in their eighties.

The study was one of the largest studies on this topic and was a joint effort by British and American researchers. The research was based on over 2 million people in 80 countries. And with very few exceptions the […]

What Do Egg Labels Tell Us?

By now regular readers here know that when I ask a question like this the answer is probably, “Not much.”

That would be true of egg labels too.

Most of the words you see on an egg carton have little to no meaning. The terms you see on egg cartons […]