Glowtini’s Dessert


Just a recipe today. Featured Recipe Glowtini’s Dessert

As many of you know I have many Twitter friends all around the U.S. A. and the world. I love Twitter. The people I follow and who follow me are the nicest people in the world.

One of my best Twitter friends and my sister […]

Listen To Your Body


Eat what you want, when you are truly hungry. Stop when you’re full. And eat exactly what appeals to you. Do this instead of any diet, and you’re likely to maintain a healthy weight and avoid eating disorders.

When I was doing research for the Body Image series last week I […]

Beat the Heat

It is not even officially summer yet and much of the United States, and even the world is dealing with sweltering heat and humidity.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac says to will be this way for my part of the world off and on all summer, at least through July. If you […]