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The Harmonica Man

This post was originally posted on March 8, 2010 under the title, “What Would You Do?”

In keeping with this week’s Fourth of July theme, today’s recipe was originally posted on July 4, 2010.

NOTE: Of all the profiles I have done at More Thyme Than Dough the last […]

Happy Father’s Day

This coming Sunday, June 19th, is officially Father’s Day.

We are celebrating dads a bit early here at MTTD so that you can get this really cool and easy dessert to make for Father’s Day.

MTTD honors fathers every where today with some quotes.

Mario Cuomo

I watched a small […]

Beat the Heat

It is not even officially summer yet and much of the United States, and even the world is dealing with sweltering heat and humidity.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac says to will be this way for my part of the world off and on all summer, at least through July. If you […]