Low Calorie Diets Do Not Prolong Life


So says a new twenty-three year long study in Rhesus monkeys and as reported at the New York times and many news outlets across the world.

This study contradicts almost everything we have been led to believe.

Male monkeys who were put on a restrictive diet when they were older made some […]

People I Miss ~ Part 3


George Carlin

In the summer of 1962 before my junior year in high school I first saw George Carlin on a summer variety TV show playing his Hippy Dippy Weatherman, Al Sleet, and his dopey disc jockey at WINO radio. I liked him and thought he was very funny. He had that spark, […]

It’s Not a Snap!


Mario Batali Most Recent Star Chef To Take the Food Stamp Challenge

I mentioned in several posts the various famous people/chefs that took the challenge to live for one week on a Food Stamp or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) budget. It is good that people see and experience for themselves how difficult […]