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Featured Recipe Avocado Toast with Bacon and Eggs

Almost exactly one year ago I shared one of my favorite breakfasts with you, Avocado Toast.

As long time and regular readers here know, since I have retired I don’t buy magazines anymore. They are just way […]

The Mystery of Poor Airplane Food Explained

You missed lunch, you are lugging two carry-ons, a magazine, shuffling along a tired cranky child, hurrying through the concourse trying to make your connection at the airport. You just make it. You get everything organized in the overhead and you sit down, lean back, and relax.

Then the hunger […]

The Year Without a Summer

The weather seems to be terrible these days. From winter snow storms and blizzards, the tsunami in Japan, straight through springs massive tornadoes in the south to weeks on end of rain and no sunshine in the Midwest.

Columbus Ohio’s high temperatures on both Monday May 16th (49 degrees) and Tuesday May […]