Firecrackers in September

During the never-ending Recession life is getting harder and money is getting tighter for many of us. So today I just want to give you a few moments of pure joy and entrtainment.

And WOW! Do I have a treat for you today!!!!!

Firecrackers aren’t just for the 4th of July […]

Glowtini’s Dessert


Just a recipe today. Featured Recipe Glowtini’s Dessert

As many of you know I have many Twitter friends all around the U.S. A. and the world. I love Twitter. The people I follow and who follow me are the nicest people in the world.

One of my best Twitter friends and my sister […]

Top 10 Ways To Recharge


We all get down and stressed from time to time. It is normal, natural and human. Over the years I have found a few things that help me recharge.

1. First, I give myself permission to be human.

2. I do a good deed or volunteer.

3. I Smile. Just smile.

4. […]