The Obesity Epidemic

Or Is It?

I keep hearing and reading alarmist news that more and more Americans are over weight, obese even. An epidemic they call it. Over fifty percent of Americans are considered to be obese according to some news reports these days.

I look at my friends and my neighbors and I ask: where […]

Just 100 Calories


Would you like to shed just a few pounds?

It may be easier than you think.

I was doing some house cleaning the other day. I was throwing out stuff I don’t need any more. I was going through drawers and closets getting rid of non essentials. You know how that is. Stuff […]

Have a Grape Day

But First: An Update on the Fat Controversy

Before we get to today’s recipe, which of course stars grapes, I have an update for you.

As many of you know and as I have written about numerous times here I am a believer in a common sense and balanced approach to diet. […]