15 Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping


The cost of food has been steadily rising for well over a year. In February, 2011 wholesale prices rose 3.9%, the largest monthly increase since November, 1974.

In July 2011 I complained because lemons were thirty-three cents each, more than double the previous year. Today they run fifty, sixty, even seventy cents at […]

Back To School Week

As a former teacher I beleieve that school and education are vitally important to a democratic and strong republic. But I also reconize the limitations. Even those of us with education degrees can’t always tell who will be succesful and who will not. There are just too many varaibles.

It […]

Name That Failure for $800, Alex

Time to play Jeopardy!! Can You Name These Failures?

1. Teachers said he was unteachable, addled, dumb, lazy, talked too much, couldn’t sit still, lacked focus, and day dreamed too much.

2. She was an unemployed single mother on welfare. Twelve publishers rejected her manuscript, a […]