Bacon and Eggs Please


A high fat breakfast of bacon and eggs may be the best and healthiest way to start your day according to a recent study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, England.


Researchers theorized the first meal eaten after a night’s sleep programs your body’s metabolism for the rest of the […]

Pecan Pie Bars


I was really delighted when Kate suggested we do guest posts on each other’s blog.

First, since I don’t bake this was a great opportunity to get some baked goods on More Thyme.

But most of all it was an opportunity for you to meet my dear friend, Kate.

Kate has a […]

Fruit Desserts


So far in the Summer’s Bounty series I have shared a Mandarin orange and strawberry fruit salad, and a cold cherry soup recipe. (OK. So it was really a desert disguised as a cold soup.) Let’s just get right down to it then. Today I share a REAL dessert with you. And trust […]