Can Red Wine Help You Lose Weight?



If you like wine as much as I do I have some absolutely, positively wonderful news for you.

Drinking red grape juice or red wine may help you lose weight according to some research done at the Ohio State University.



According to Science Digest:


One of the […]

The Real Secret to Being Happy


It Is Time To Give Up…….


Give up thinking other people are luckier, happier, prettier, or richer than you are. Give up trying to be perfect. Give up trying to avoid making mistakes. Give up the fear of failure. Give up thinking you must buy and use every beauty produce in […]

Is Being Over Weight the New Skinny?


Well, here we go again.


Looks like the advice doctors and nutritionist have been force feeding us for decades may be wrong.

New research indicates that folks who are slightly over weight lower their risk of early death.

According to the New York Times:



………… The report on nearly […]