Diet Myth: Fat Is Bad For You


This post originally ran on June 4, 2010

The recipe was originally posted on September 24, 2010

Is Fat Bad For You? No it is not! The fact is our body NEEDS fat. Fats are an important part of a healthy diet. Fat is a source of energy for the body, it helps […]

The Truth About Superfoods

I hear and read about Superfoods all the time on TV and in magazines. This vegetable will make my skin look like a new-born baby’s. This berry will help me lose 1000 pounds in two hours! This fruit will keep me from ever dying. […]

Diet and Food Myths


Today is Part 4 of Diet Myths Debunked.

Diet Myth # 4

Salt and Cholesterol Are Bad For Me? Right?

If the information out there is confusing on fat, carbohydrates, and proteins it gets even murkier with regard to both salt and cholesterol.


The human body needs a daily intake of salt. […]