Christmas Traditions


Traditions are important. Traditions help us feel connected to others. They are familiar. They are something we look forward to. In crazy uncertain times traditions are the glue that help hold families, societies, and even countries together. They are shared values, beliefs, customs and activities.

I did not know it at the time…….that […]

Who Is Santa Claus?

I don’t know if you receive a lot of forwards in your email In Box like I do or not. But my friends are always sending me neat stuff, like jokes and cartoons that make me laugh, stories that make me cry or inspire; even educational items that expand my mind. I […]

Christmas Magic

There is no doubt. Christmas and all of the winter holidays is a special time of year. It is an all too brief few weeks in each year where we open our hearts to love, to hope, to giving, and to sharing.

No where was this more evident than last year in […]