Christmas Eve Fun


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. And Christmas Eve can often be a long night, especially for children. Time goes by slowly when you are waiting for Santa. We often wonder what can we do to help them and us pass the hours.

Well, I have a great line up for you of three videos […]

Who Is Santa Claus?

I don’t know if you receive a lot of forwards in your email In Box like I do or not. But my friends are always sending me neat stuff, like jokes and cartoons that make me laugh, stories that make me cry or inspire; even educational items that expand my mind. I […]

More Christmas Magic

It wasn’t just Philadelphia last year as I reported in my last post . It seems the real spirit of Christmas is alive almost everywhere.

On Tuesday in Kansas City, Missouri a Secret Santa continued a yearly tradition by passing out $100 bills in stores, in food pantries, and anywhere people gathered.