Park of Roses


To date I have showed you some really impressive parks in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. But I have saved THE best till now.

There is only one word that fits The Columbus Park of Roses – spectacular.

In June, 2006 USA Today named The Park of Roses as one […]

The Challenge


Could You Do It? Could you eat on $3.63 a Day?

Today I am challenging you to answer that very question.

That is the amount of money per person a family of three receives if they are on food stamps, or SNAP as the program is called today.

In many places, just a […]

Pyramid Out Plate In

Last Thursday the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) unveiled the new Food Chart guide to healthy eating. Gone is the confusing pyramid of the last ten years or so. It is replaced by a simple plate graphic with a spot for a glass of milk, representing dairy foods.

The […]