The Real Secret to Being Happy


It Is Time To Give Up…….


Give up thinking other people are luckier, happier, prettier, or richer than you are. Give up trying to be perfect. Give up trying to avoid making mistakes. Give up the fear of failure. Give up thinking you must buy and use every beauty produce in […]

Word Play



My earliest memories revolve around being read to by my father and playing word games with him. At first it was mostly rhyming games. Later we got into meanings and how meanings can change. I always remember laughing a lot and having loads of fun. When I was in the 6th […]

The Zen of Lemons



Today is all about lemons – that wonderfully sour, yet strangely sweet fruit that makes so many wonderful eats and drinks like lemonade, Lemon Meringue pie, and lemon ice.

The versatile lemon is used for both culinary and non culinary purposes, and has some purported health benefits too.

For instance, lemons […]