What Would You Say?



Around early June I usually share a college graduation speech with you.

Instead this June I am sharing a lovely and short video titled:

If You Could Say ONE Thing To a Young Person What Would That Be?




I would tell a young person: Live life with gusto!

So […]



Pain Relief You Can Swear By

This was the headline in an article in the Chicago Tribune. Since this is a family blog I won’t tell you the headline over at the AARP website.

I saw the 456 of you who peeked at the AARP headline.

Cursing has been around for centuries […]

One Act of Kindness

We sometimes believe that we can do nothing to change the world. I mean we are only one person. Right?

Well, I recently read an essay that touched my heart very deeply and shows how just one act of kindness, a few words, CAN indeed change a person’s whole life. The essay […]