Are You Crazy?



Or are you just going nuts?

Whether you are nuts or not is no concern of mine. Personally, I prefer folk who are a bit on the nutty side. I feel an affinity as I am certifiably nuts. But I digress.

What I […]

Benefits of Family Meals

Today’s topic is Family Meals and the benefits of eating together as a family. Eating is a social activity. Breaking bread with friends and family is more fun than eating alone.

There is a also a growing body of research and evidence that the family that eats together reaps many benefits.

Here […]

Coffee Break


Ooopps!!! ~ I Missed It ~ So Sorry

Last Wednesday, September 29th was National Coffee Day. I did not know that until after I had already published Wednesday’s blog post. So I am late getting this news to you so that you could celebrate. With a cup of coffee, of course!!

Of course, […]