Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and School Food News


School has already begun in some parts of the United States. Schools in other states are set to open next week. I have been planning a whole week of Back to School posts for next week. But I thought I would start early with some school lunch and food news making headlines today.


They’re At It Again

Back in August of last year I did a two-part series on grocery store tricks. Most of the tricks try to get you to buy more of an item than you want or can afford. Links here: Tricks of the Trade 1 Tricks of the Trade 2

But grocery stores are […]

Odds and Ends

Today I have just a couple of fun items for you.


Does anyone besides me see the irony in this picture?

Singing Anesthesiologists

Found this cool You Tube video of 5 Minnesota anesthesiologists and part-time singing group who call themselves the […]