Great Balls of Fire


The sun is about 93 million miles from earth.

The sun is the closest star to earth.

The sun is a ball of gas that gives earth heat and light.

The temperature of the sun is around 60000 Kelvin.

It takes about 8 minutes for the light and heat of the sun […]

Nursery Rhymes In Disguise


JJust a little fun today. Plus a little challenge with a prize for the winner. See directions below.

Directions: How many of these Nursery Rhymes can you name? Use your vocabulary skills to decipher the nursery rhyme characters.

Leave your answers in the comment section below.

PRIZE – First person to get all […]

Who Won This Race?




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Featured Recipe Avocado Toast with Bacon and Eggs

Almost exactly one year ago I shared one of my favorite breakfasts with you, Avocado Toast.

As long time and regular readers here know, since I have retired I don’t buy magazines anymore. They are just way […]